23 Feb 2010

REAL models back on the catwalk

I was so pleased to see Crystal Renn the size 16 model and student strutting her stuff on the catwalk at the London Fashion Week; and she really showed that you don’t need to be size 0 to look gorgeous!

She has given the size 0 debate the boot as fashion designers across the world are lining up to take her on as she shows her fuller figure in front of millions. Thousands of girls in the UK alone struggle with eating disorders and weight problems with many of them being hypnotised by stick thin models in magazines and cat walks across the world.

She is now a role model for these girls who believe they have to be severe underweight to look good but she is also a moral booster for those women who are also struggling with their weight on the other side of the scale. Girls and women alike who are a little overweight can emulate this lady and see that you can look beautiful no matter what size you are and if you feel comfortable in your own skin then your already half way to looking sexy and stylish.