12 Jan 2010

The useless law in Britain ... AGAIN

I thought that it was within the rights of those in society to defend their home with reasonable measures? Well as we all know in society it doesn’t necessarily work out that way which poor Myleene Klass found out.

After waving a knife at intruders she was lectured by police! Reading this in yesterday’s Sun newspaper i was undoubtedly shocked, but it occurred to me that things like this are more likely to happen as the law seems to be bending to the will of attackers rather than giving strength to the victims.

The police have been cropping up all over the news recently for their lack of judgement or their lack of common sense in situations they would themselves probably do the same thing in, yet a defenceless mother picks up the first things she sees to ward off intruders and SHE is ticked off by police. Has the world gone mad? Or do we now employ policeman with no common sense?

The Sun newspaper told how the Popstar to Operastar beauty was told by Hertfordshire police that it was illegal to carry a weapon – even in their home! I think this is a ridiculous thing for police to say to a mother protecting her child, and if i come to the same situation i think i would do the same thing. Myleene, I’m on your side, you did the right thing.

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