12 Jan 2010

My Page Rank

http://www.mypagerank.net/ is a service that allows you to see how well your website is doing.

I have done this to mine after being showed how to do it and i think for a student blog i have been doing very well, although not so when compared to others blogs, but its getting there.

It shows that in Alexa (website that helps show your website popularity) that my blog is rank 4,090,150 in the world! That is why it has been looked ta my spiders and i have 122 'pages' that have been put in to the Google Index, which basically means for me if someone types in 21st century journalism - i have a high chance of my blog being shown in a google search. (fantastic huh?)

Lets get it higher

1 comment:

  1. im gunna try that now lol
    but remember when you get famous remember me lol x